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Top Junior MLB Draftees Have Signed

How will that affect rosters? We'll see but I suspect Fresno State's losses will be slightly easier to repair than UNLV's starting rotation as they loses two starters. Read on. By the way, I have been gone over a week and thought I had posted this. It's withered on the vine a bit but still has some points to make I think.

UNLV's Kenny Oakley was one of three starting pitchers lost to the pros and he was a senior.
UNLV's Kenny Oakley was one of three starting pitchers lost to the pros and he was a senior.
Eric Toliver

Juniors Signed

Griffin Jax, USAFA
The co-pitcher of the year in the MWC will always be missed. He was a great pitcher that pitched in a pitcher-unfriendly home field. A good one.

Jimmy Lambert, FSU
Jimmy shared pitcher of the year with Jax so that's all that needs to be said except that the FSU staff is quite deep.

Chris DeVito, UNM
My choice for POY in the MWC will be missed by the Lobos offense but coach always seems to come up with a new player or two to take over so don't feel sorry for New Mexico. Chris was a DH the latter part of the year and a catcher in the early part. He'll probably be groomed as a catcher.

Miles Mastrobuoni, UNR
Miles was a one and done juco transfer who played second base. One and done players are tough to replace but how would the team have done without them? Yeah, I'll take them for the one year but not for a steady diet.

Dean Kremer, UNLV (sophomore)
Dean was a pitcher that was one of two junior starters in the Rebels' staff and will develop as a pro.

D.J. Myers, UNLV
Myers was tied for the lead in starts for the rotation along with Kenny Oakley (also signed as a senior). Folks, those two represent 30 starts and that's going to be hard to replace next season. Dean Kremer (above) also had 12 starts so do the math. The rotation will need work.

Trenton Brooks, UNR
He'll be missed in two positions; starting pitcher and as an outfielder. He had 15 starts on the mound so I think he'll be missed there the most although a .277 average is pretty good, too.