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New Mexico's Bob Davie Stokes the Fire

At Mountain West media day, New Mexico head coach Bob Davie discussed a popular picture floating around.

UNM coach Bob Davie is hardly begging for forgiveness for a team photo they took on the smurf turf.
UNM coach Bob Davie is hardly begging for forgiveness for a team photo they took on the smurf turf.
Loren Orr/Getty Images

New Mexico football surprised a lot of people last year when they finished the season 7-6 (5-3 in the MWC). They were actually challenging for first place into late November, no small feat for a team that won 4 games the previous year.

Without a doubt, one of the Lobos' proudest moments was their 31-24 victory over Boise State in Boise on November 14th. With that victory, UNM became just one of three teams to win on the famed smurf turf since the 2006 season (the Broncos were 59-2 going into the game dating back to 2006). To commemorate the victory, the team took a photo on the blue turf (to see the photo click here).

During MW media day in Las Vegas, Lobos' coach Bob Davie expressed no remorse, stating that such a proud moment in the team's season had to be documented for the players' sake. Boise State head coach Bryan Harsin seemed to minimize the photo's significance, stating that if the Broncos had won, then the photo would not have existed.

"I'm the first one to realize that ‘OK, we have to play Boise again next year' and I took all that into account," Davie said at Mountain West Media Days. "But anytime you can go win a game like that in Boise, I think that it was something neat for our kids to have and hold onto.

"I think it was done out of respect for winning there. I'm sure they will use it and put it on their bulletin board and all that, but more power to them."

With that being said, the Broncos will have the opportunity to return the favor on October 8th when they travel to Albuquerque to take on the Lobos. In agreement with Bob Davie, I suspect the Lobos' team photo will be on the bulletin board in BSU's locker room leading up to the game.