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Colorado State has contracts written up for coaches if they get into the Big 12

Mike Bobo has a Power Five clause in his contract

Colorado v Colorado State Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Colorado State is the most talked about team from the Mountain West about joining the Big 12, and the Power Five league has basically said to email one’s resume, cover letter and additional materials to for consideration.

The Rams athletics department has put together their own presentation to the conference as to why they are a fit for the Big 12, and probably will add more info when it is given to the decision makers.

Colorado State has been planning on a potential move to a power conference by putting in a clause of football head coach Mike Bobo’s contract about renegotiating his deal if the Rams get the call up.

Via The Coloradoan:

Current football coach Mike Bobo, who has a base salary of $1.45 million in 2016, agreed in his contract signed Aug. 18, 2015, to work in good faith with CSU to "discuss an adjustment to Bobo's Base Salary and Incentive Compensation in the event the University joins a Power 5 athletic conference ... during the Term, taking into account the new conference's market conditions."

Athletics director Joe Parker has a similar deal as Bobo with his most recent deal he inked on May 27, 2015; his base salary is $325,000.

Bobo is the only coach with a contract to receive this benefit in his contract and that includes men’s basketball coach Larry Eustachy, women’s coach Ryun Williams and volleyball head coach Tom Hillbert.

Colorado State is putting things in place just in case they get the call up to the Big 12.