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Colorado State Wide Receivers: Who will replace Rashard Higgins?

Besides QB, no other offensive position has as many questions as the receivers. Who will step up to replace the production of Rashard Higgins? And who will replace the consistency of Joe Hansley?

The Rams will need Xavier Williams to step up at receiver this year
The Rams will need Xavier Williams to step up at receiver this year
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This is the toughest offensive position to look at this offseason for the Colorado State Rams. They lose their top three receivers in Rashard Higgins, Joe Hansley, and Kivon Cartwright as well as losing explosive playmaker Deionte Gaines for undisclosed reasons.

Those four combined for nearly 60 percent of the targets in the passing game, while Gaines wasn't targeted as much as the other three he did provide a spark when he had the ball in his hands. Look for Xavier Williams, Sammie Long, Elroy Masters, and the incoming wide receivers and tight ends to help out.

Xavier Williams should be the primary target as he is a big body with good hands. Michael Gallup should come in and step into Hansley's spot and provide the explosive ability of Gaines. Darneail Jenkins and Dalton Fackrell should come in and provide competition at the TE spot. Both Nolan Peralta and Mitch Parsons return to the offense that didn't target the TEs as much as it probably should have, as the TE position has always been a position of strength for CSU.

The spring game quickly became the John Freismuth show before he injured his shoulder making a catch. He had 5 catches for 147 yards including a 75 yard touchdown catch. We'll see where Freismuth fits into the offense come fall camp as spring camp stock should be taken with a grain of salt. Cole Anderson is an example from 2015, he had an outstanding spring camp, but come season time he was nowhere to be found. No other receiver had more than 40 yards receiving. This could just be to the total number of receivers rotated in and out.

Going into fall camp expect Williams, Gallup, and Olabisi Johnson to be the starting receivers and Nolan Peralta or Mitch Parsons to be that starting tight end. Even if these are the starters, Bobo likes to keep the receivers fresh so expect a lot of rotation.