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Big 12 coaches like Houston, BYU as expansion candidates

Colorado State is not getting a lot of love from Big 12 coaches

Texas Tech v TCU Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Big 12 dropped a bombshell on Tuesday by saying they will be moving forward with looking at expansion, and it looks like there is no turning back and standing pat at 10 teams.

The teams mentioned have been the usual suspects in BYU, Memphis, Houston, Colorado State, UCF, USF and Connecticut. ESPN took a poll among coaches and who they would like to join the league.

Not a shock to see BYU at the top as their metrics and on the field success is top notch, among other metrics that the Big 12 wants for new members.

Colorado State ranks middle to low in those categories which are athletic department strength, fan base size, media markets and academic strength.

The Rams are high up in media markets and are third among the possibly candidates and that is their biggest chip to play. That is why the Rams should be in favor of a linear Big 12 Network.

This vote was very done off of the basis that there would be two teams and also full members, and that is why there is no vote for a school like San Diego State or Boise State.

Also, to consider is that these coaches have virtually no say about who the Big 12 will consider or add to the conference.