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PODCAST: West Division is San Diego State’s to lose; second is up in the air

The real challenge is predicting what team will finish second in the West.

Mountain West Championship - Air Force v San Diego State Photo by Kent Horner/Getty Images

We wrapped up the West Division preview for the upcoming Mountain West season this past week with a preview of San Diego State who is going to be the favorite to win their division.

After the Aztecs there is no firm second place team from the various projections across the experts, or among us humble podcasts hosts. An argument can be made for any team in the division to finish San Diego State, and the lone exception is Hawaii who is being predicted to finish last in the division.

San Jose State might have the best quarterback in the division but they lost the most dynamic player in conference in Tyler Ervin who is in the NFL. Nevada expects to have a solid running attack with James Butler but their defensive front is gone as is their offensive coordinator in Nick Rolovich.

UNLV looks to make a big jump with JUCO quarterback Johnny Stanton likely to be the starter, but the Rebels did not even make a bowl last year. Fresno State should have a stable quarterback — or at least Bulldogs fans are hoping that is the case — in likely starter Chason Virgil, but they lost their best running back and defender from last year.

It really is a grab bag from second to fifth.

Here is the order of projected finish from the hosts.

Matt Jeremy Chris
2. SJSU 2. Nevada 2. UNLV
3. UNLV 3. SJSU 3. Fresno State
4. Fresno state 4. UNLV 4. Nevada
5. Nevada 5. Fresno State 5. SJSU
6. Hawaii 6. Hawaii 6. Hawaii