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2016 NBA Draft: Mountain West Viewer’s Guide and How To Watch

NBA: NBA Draft 2015 Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The time has come.

After hundreds of mock drafts, rumors, and draft declaration articles, the 2016 NBA Draft is finally upon us. It is also an exciting time for the Mountain West, as two UNLV players - shooting guard Patrick McCaw and center Stephen Zimmeman - are expected to be drafted in the top 40 Thursday evening. Boise State’s James Webb III is not pegged nearly as high, but also has a realistic shot at hearing his name called during the draft.

In last year’s NBA Draft, UNLV’s Rashad Vaughn was taken with the 17th overall pick and Wyoming’s Larry Nance Jr. with the 27th overall pick. The Mountain West has had at least two draft selections in each of the past three seasons, including four in the 2013 draft.

Here’s everything you’ll need to know about the draft:

2016 NBA Draft

When: Thursday, June 23, 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific

Where: Barclays Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.


Streaming: WatchESPN app

Radio: ESPN Radio

Notes: LSU’s Ben Simmons and Duke’s Brandon Ingram are expected to be selected 1-2 in the draft ... The Boston Celtics have amassed eight draft picks, including the #3 overall selection ... Philadelphia won the NBA Draft lottery, the first time selecting #1 overall since taking Allen Iverson in 1996 ... This is the fourth consecutive year that Brooklyn has hosted the NBA Draft

Draft Order:

Round 1

1. Philadelphia 76ers

2. LA Lakers

3. Boston Celtics

4. Phoenix Suns

5. Minnesota Timberwolves

6. New Orleans Pelicans

7. Denver Nuggets

8. Sacramento Kings

9. Toronto Raptors (via Knicks)

10. Milwaukee Bucks

11. Orlando Magic

12. Atlanta Hawks (via Jazz)

13. Phoenix Suns (via Wizards)

14. Chicago Bulls

15. Denver Nuggets (via Rockets)

16. Boston Celtics (via Mavericks)

17. Memphis Grizzlies

18. Detroit Pistons

19. Denver Nuggets (via Blazers)

20. Indiana Pacers

21. Atlanta Hawks

22. Charlotte Hornets

23. Boston Celtics

24. Philadelphia 76ers (via Heat/Cavaliers)

25. LA Clippers

26. Philadelphia 76ers (via Thunder/Nuggets/Cavaliers)

27. Toronto Raptors

28. Phoenix Suns (via Cavaliers/Celtics)

29. San Antonio Spurs

30. Golden State Warriors

Round 2

31. Boston Celtics (via 76ers/Heat)

32. LA Lakers

33. LA Clippers (via Nets)

34. Phoenix Suns

35. Boston Celtics (via Timberwolves/Suns)

36. Milwaukee Bucks (via Pelicans/Kings)

37. Houston Rockets (via Knicks/Kings/Blazers)

38. Milwaukee Bucks

39. New Orleans Pelicans

40. New Orleans Pelicans

41. Orlando Magic

42. Utah Jazz

43. Houston Rockets

44. Atlanta Hawks (via Wizards)

45. Boston Celtics (via Grizzlies)

46. Dallas Mavericks

47. Orlando Magic (via Bulls)

48. Chicago Bulls (via Blazers/Cavaliers)

49. Detroit Pistons

50. Indiana Pacers

51. Boston Celtics (via Heat)

52. Utah Jazz (via Celtics/Grizzlies)

53. Denver Nuggets (via Hornets/Thunder)

54. Atlanta Hawks

55. LA Clippers (via Nets)

56. Denver Nuggets (via Thunder)

57. Memphis Grizzlies (via Raptors)

58. Boston Celtics (via Cavaliers)

59. Sacramento Kings (via Spurs)

60. Utah Jazz (via Warriors)