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San Diego State adds Arizona State to Schedule

San Diego State v Arizona State
2007- Former Aztec QB Kevin O’connell takes the handoff against Arizona State. Their last meeting.
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San Diego State adds Arizona State for an additional home-and-home series a decade from now. The Aztecs will play at Arizona State in 2027 and will host Arizona State in San Diego (in whatever stadium configuration plays itself out by then) in 2028.

For those fans who think about the near future, the Aztecs and Sundevils will face off in 2017 at Arizona State and 2018 at San Diego State.

The Aztecs and Sundevils last met in 2007 with an outcome of 13-34, Arizona State. The Aztecs have not beat the Sundevils in their history (0-10-1). The last time San Diego State had defeated a Pac-12 team was in 2011 against Washington State.

The Aztecs have locked at least one Pac-12 opponent until 2022, and though a decade from now, playing the Sundevils ensures another Pac-12 opponent in the 2020’s.

The scheduling benefits the Aztecs, giving them a fighter’s chance against a Power-5 opponent. The Aztecs also ensure a payday without traveling east of the Rocky Mountains.