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San Diego State Aztecs Could Crash the 2016 College Football Playoff

Early predictions from CBS sports have the Aztecs as one of five teams that could crash the 2016 College Football Playoff.

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports
Last week CBS sports had San Diego State as one of five teams to potentially crash the College Football Playoff.

In the article the Aztecs were joined by Western Michigan, South Florida, Temple, and Appalachian State as five contenders who could be looking at a shot at the College Football Playoff. Interesting to note that Temple and South Florida both represent the AAC which indicates to be competitive league in the 2016 season.

The San Diego State was the lone Mountain West representative and that reflects the dominant year the 2015 Aztecs had and what the rest of the entire league looks like, including Boise State and Utah State.

However, the college football world knows that in order for them to be considered as a playoff crasher, a title game against media-darling Boise State is imperative. An undefeated run isn’t impossible for San Diego State, especially since the West division of the MWC looks to be depleted again — on paper, of course. And playing Cal without their star quarterback Jared Goff, makes 12-0 seem attainable.

Nevada might have a shot at contesting the Aztecs’ back-to-back run, but the Aztecs are leaning heavy on upperclassmen to get them back to the top of the mountain.

It's early in the season to tell where the Aztecs end up in late December or even in January. It's good to know at least there are people talking about Mountain West football as being competitive. Maybe this time San Diego State earns a quality Power-5 opponent.