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Cal vs. Hawaii picked up for TV; network still to be determined

The Hawaii vs. Cal game in Australia will officially air on television, but there should never have been a doubt in the first place.

Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

The first college football game of the year is Cal vs. Hawaii in Sydney, Australia, at the 83,500-seat ANZ Stadium which was built for the 2000 Olympics.

This is first football game down under since BYU faced Colorado State in 1987. Now we have a bit more info on the details of this unique contest. First off, it will take place on Saturday Aug. 27 at 3 p.m. local time in Australia and that converts to a Friday night game at 10  p.m. ET and 4 p.m. locally in Hawaii.

There has been no announcement yet of broadcast partners and this is a Pac-12 game so it would be on one of their networks and commissioner Larry Scott did say the game will be picked up.

With this being the very first college football game of the year one has to really put into question that the Pac-12 Networks would air this game. People are starved for football because the NFL preseason is not great football to watch.

Yes, these two teams are not great but a good amount of people have watched the FCS games that opened up ahead of the full slate of games. It is a Friday night game so ratings aren't a big deal but this would provide decent ratings.

Expect this game to be on ESPN or Fox Sports 1 but one thing to look out for is if the networks will actually send their announcers to the games. It would be a shame to have a game in such a unique local and not have on site announcers to get a feel for this game.