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Deadpool as the next Hawaii mascot?

Check out some concept art of Deadpool dressed in Hawaii gear.

Deadpool @UHawkFan12

The one thing that fans would agree upon is that Hawaii athletics should go back to the old rainbow-themed jersey's as their top uniform, but instead it is regulated to that special one game per year.

Maybe there is a point in holding something back to build up the hype when the Warriors to break out their superior uniforms.

With the popularity of these uniforms someone at Hawaii Comic-Con came up with a great piece of concept art with Deadpool wearing a rainbow-themed jersey. you know just because people are into this comic book character.

Norm Chow thinks this guy is a Championship Artist! No Question!

A photo posted by Sean (@seaneyman) on

While this has literally nothing to do with Hawaii, but I am unaware of Deadpool outside of the recent movie and watching a few cartoons that feature him and Spider-Man. I could be wrong about any presence in the islands but who really cares.

The challenge is now set for other Mountain West teams to come up with a better piece of art that represents one's school, and good luck trying to do so.

Perhaps there should be some sort of petition to make Deadpool an alternate mascot to Hawaii. Do not forget that Ole Miss made a serious run a few years back trying to make Admiral Ackbar to replace Colonel Reb to be the Rebels new mascot.

This is also a reminder that the offseason is in full swing.