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Brady Holt breathing on his own, still unconscious

Brady Holt's mother provides an update on her son.

Utah State helmet

Utah State freshman Brady Holt was in a roll over accident, the 21-year-old was not wearing his seat belt, and was thrown from the vehicle, on Saturday and in critical condition.

He has been in the hospital since Saturday afternoon and has slowly improved, but he is still a long ways from being released from the hospital. Holt has been unconscious since the wreck but he has been breathing on his own.

His mother, Christy Carter Holt, created a Facebook page she created called Brady Strong.

Here is the latest update on her son from Tuesday morning:

Brady was very ” active” yesterday. It may have been more agitation but he was responding to people. We will take anything at this point. They are going to try and remove the bolt that monitors pressure in his head. Once the bolt is removed they will take him for the MRI they were going to do yesterday. ... Thank you for all the kind words, prayers and love being sent our way. We FEEL IT. Brady will win this fight I know it. Thank you again.

This has to be extremely tough on Brady's mother to see her son in this state and not doing well. Hopefully, his status will improve over the next days and weeks.