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PODCAST: Examining Colorado State, Big 12 realignment

We are back again to discuss the millions of possibilities surrounding conference realignment.

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NCAA Football: Colorado State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

We are back on a regular basis for the podcast with Jeremy, Chris and Matt.

This show is the last of the offseason, and we dive deep into Big 12 realignment. We range from Colorado State getting mentioned to having conferences get creative and stream games live on their own network or team up with Hulu (if they do live original programing.)

We cover the angles of market size vs. brand, record vs. stadium size and if geography is even a factor at all in what the Big 12 will do.

Hopefully, we covered it all and possibly provided a different view on this mess that the Big 12 is causing again this offseason, but we all soak it up.

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