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What will college football look like next decade?

Actual realignment and fantasy realignment are all the rage, so lets see what is going on.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

One super mega conference?'s Stewart Mandel put together an interesting look at college football in 10 years. Basically an NFL style set up with divisions with only 24 teams able to compete for the national title. Of course, they possibly could rake in over $100 million per school, per year.

Big 12 expansion is still a hot topic. I joined LandGran Gauntlet and hopefully provided some good info about Colorado State and what the Big 12 might due, and a big picture look down the road.

Oklahoma's David Boren keeps talking: Apparently, the Big 12 may not even vote to expand until the end of 2016 (ugh...). The top priority for the league is to see if a conference TV network could work, because money is the driving force in adding teams.

Hawaii to co-host camp: The Warriors and Michigan will be co-hosing a camp on June 26 in Honolulu, but then a few months later they will be opponents in Ann Arbor.

Cody Fajardo signs with CFL: The former Nevada quarterback will continue his pro career in Canada with the Toronto Argonauts.

Colorado State positives: What do the Rams bring to the Big 12?