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Group of Five power rankings

Where does the Mountain West fit in with Bill C.'s power rankings.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation's Bill Connelly is doing his 128-team college football countdown and he has wrapped up the schools on the outside of the power conferences. Along the way he has ranked each conference but now that he has upped that level to rank the 63 teams that are not in a power conference.

For those who follow Bill C.'s work he is extremely into advanced stats, but these rankings are not based on that but rather his football knowledge.

At the top of the list it is no shock to see the Houston Cougars there but in the top five the Mountain West has a pair of schools in Boise State and San Diego State.

The Mountain Division within the conference dominants where the Mountain West teams are with five of the first six teams being from that side of the division, and then there is Wyoming who is only ahead of Hawaii.

Overall, the Mountain West placements seem reasonable. One could argue that New Mexico could be a tad higher and maybe even Nevada, but overall it makes sense with very early preseason rankings.

Here are the Mountain West rankings, and the whole list is found here.

2. Boise State
4. San Diego State
17. Air Force
24. Utah State
26. Colorado State
31. New Mexico
32. Nevada
33. San Jose State
39. Fresno State
41. UNLV
56. Wyoming
62. Hawaii

Here is Bill C. hosting a Facebook video chat with some questions about the rankings.