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Iconic UNLV shoe to be re-released by Nike

Nike will be re-releasing its UNLV Dunks from 1985.

On May 14th, Nike will be re-releasing the Runnin' Rebel version of their Dunks shoe from the 1980s.

The shoe was originally released in 1985 in the colors of seven of the most popular college basketball teams of the 80's:  Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, St. John's, Syracuse, UNLV and Villanova.

Both the Kentucky version and the St. John's version have already been released.  UNLV and Michigan will be up next.

This iconic shoe was worn by many of the UNLV's best players during the Runnin' Rebel glory days of the late 80's and is a reminder of when UNLV was a powerhouse in the college basketball world and a house hold name nationally.

Those days have long since past, but hopefully, new coach Marvin Menzies is successful in rebuilding this program and bringing them back to the level of relevance that they were at in the late 80's and early 90s.