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Colorado State kicker executes the trick kick

Wyatt Bryan recreates his famous trick kick.

This is the off season so a few topics can 100 percent sure be hit upon. Those include conference realignment, a player gets booted from the team for the vague violation of team rules and trick shot/kick.

We have the latter with Colorado State Rams place kicker Wyatt Bryan recreating his trick kick that garnered him attention from pretty much everywhere, include some NFLers.

"I was blown away for Pro Bowlers to say that about my trick kick," Bryan said.

Bryan is more than capable of making trick kicks as he converted 16 of 22 field goals and went 43 of 46 extra points, and that was done as a freshman for Colorado State.

If you are impatient here is the kick without having to watch the news story, and it only took him three tries to recreate this stellar kick.