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Wyoming wide receiver Jake Maulhardt suffers high ankle sprain

Wyoming's leading returning receiver will have an x-ray of his leg to assess the damage.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Wyoming fans can relax. This injury to Maulhardt features no broken bones.

ORIGINAL: Injuries happen in spring camp and it has happened to the Wyoming Cowboys Jake Maulhardt has suffered a substantial injury just days before the Cowboys spring game.

After practice on Wednesday, head coach Craig Bohl addressed the media about the injury to his top wide out from a year ago.

"Jake Maulhardt may have broken a bone in his ankle or his leg," Bohld said. "I'm hopeful it isn't that bad, but they're going to put him through some x-rays."

Last year, Maulhardt caught 57 receptions for 653 yards and had eight touchdowns; those numbers placed him in the top 10 in the entire Mountain West.

Next up in the wide receiver pipeline is Tanner Gentry who had 37 catches and half the number of touchdowns from a year ago. The Wyoming offense needs as many offensive weapons if they are going to improve from last year, and Maulhardt is a key piece to 2016 Cowboys offense.

The full extent of the injury for Maulhardt may not known until that x-ray and for Wyoming's sake hopefully he will be back and healthy for fall camp and get ready for the season opener against Northern Illinois on Sept. 3.