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The RPI Game and the Mountain West

The RPI as it stands now says the MWC is a two bid conference. Don't raise a toast just yet as things can change.

Coach Kaz is showing everyone the direction to the regional he'd like the Falcons attend
Coach Kaz is showing everyone the direction to the regional he'd like the Falcons attend
Mike Kaplan

MWC and RPIs

Short and sweet on this discussion, folks. I found this on which is a great site. Is it any surprise that hardly any mention of a MWC team until you get to #47 which is Fresno State followed by New Mexico at #48. I agree with that. Virginia and Michigan are just above and Maryland and New Orleans are just below. Good company. Not a sniff of a Mountain West team after that until #89 which is Air Force. The Falcons are rubbing elbows with Middle Tennessee State and UC Irvine.Then it's Nevada (119), UNLV (156), San Jose State (173), and San Diego State (216).

Sigh, the MWC still has a ways to go. What it does tell me in a positive way is that the MWC might, MIGHT, be a two bid conference if the Lobos and Bulldogs meet in the finals of the MWC Tournament. I hate conference tournaments.

The RPI uses a variety of measurements such as road wins, the competition you play whether win or lose, and strength of schedule. That is why, when you look at RPI rankings, you notice some programs that are considered good, are low down in the rankings. Case in point is Wichita State at 184. They have great tradition and used to be a fixture in the NCAAs but not so the last few years. Yeah, I know, they're losing, too. Anyway, it's good to see Fresno State and New Mexico up in the RPI rarified air. They need to stay there. Even if both get bids (hope, hope, hope) they will travel as only a bit over 60 get invites and the lower numbers are cannon fodder for the regional host. ANOTHER thing I don't like. Maybe another article.