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PODCAST: Spring football update, putting a wrap on hoops

We are back! Get caught up on the past month of the Mountain West. We put a bow on hoops and take a quick look around spring football.

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We know everyone was waiting for our latest podcast to drop -- people still say drop, right -- and we get caught up with the mostly slow month of March and April.

Matt Kenerly is today's co-host and we have a surprise call in from Chris Hondros who gives a quick thought on what we are talking about at the moment.

We go over Nevada's CBI run but more importantly have a discussion about the hire of former Cal assistant Yann Hufnagel who is accused of sexually harassing a female beat reporter.

UNLV finally was able to introduce Chris Beard after the Board of Regents were making things difficult for the new head coach.

Nearly half of the league has concluded spring football and we do a quick hit analysis on most of the league.

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