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A Few Comments on Mountain West Baseball

Two series of note are still underway but I have some comments before they are even through with the weekend's games. Geez, I hope I don't anger all the readers.

Coach Birmingham has an offensive machine down in Albuquerque he can barely hold back. Why would he?
Coach Birmingham has an offensive machine down in Albuquerque he can barely hold back. Why would he?
New Mexico Athletics

Fireworks in Albuquerque

. . . . . and elsewhere. I know it's early as Sunday games have yet to be played but I thought I'd bring up a few items of interest. Read on.

New Mexico out Fresnoed Fresno and won the first game 2-1 with pitching but it's the second game yesterday that piqued my interest. New Mexico won that one 14-13 in 10 innings thanks to Chris DeVito's three home runs which puts him at 11. The Lobos had 6 dingers on the day and that's the amazing part. I would not have guessed that happening against the Bulldogs' pitching but they did. Wow! I suspect DeVito will get serious consideration for POY in the Mountain West as he's hitting .444 with 11 home runs and 47 RBIs and there are how many games left?

The other offense machine is Air Force and they are back at it in Colorado Springs. In the first three games of the four game series (one make up) they have outscored San Jose State 34-14. I was there for two games. I'm a San Jose State fan as most of you have guessed so I left before the second game of the DH started. I had to clean the vomit off myself. Yes, the games were that bad from a fan's perspective. Tyler Jones had two big flies yesterday and is hitting .350, has 10 home runs, and 35 RBIs. All very awesome for a team that's hitting .340.

Some people have disagreed with me when I say things that don't completely shine the Falcons' wings. I'll put it simply. There is no doubt they can hit but I'd like to see them play a more challenging OOC schedule. I know that won't help this year but they need to take on some of the big boys and that means road games as big boys don't travel. By big boys I mean SEC, Pac 12, and ACC. I suppose you can put the Big West in there, too, as they have some powerful teams such as San Diego. AND, they certainly were brought to earth in Fresno last weekend. So, here's where I get yelled at; I think they are a good program and that's as far as I can go. Right now, it looks as if New Mexico is the shining star of the MWC followed by Fresno State, and then, a ways back, Air Force.

I also need to say this. I went to those games at Air Force the past two days (and last year). I still think that ball park is high school level. No running water, no lights, and no bathrooms. Yes, I know, porta potties work just fine but, really? The Department of Defense can't afford a toilet? Ok, you folks with steam coming out of your collar now, illuminate me on why this bit of an upgrade can't happen. Oh, and just to be fair, I went to some games at Sacramento State and their facilities were the same. This is all D1 baseball we're talking about. You can write this off as a disgruntled Spartans fan just spouting off but, no real toilet. C'mon.