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Ike Nwamu To Display Dunk Skills at College Slam Dunk Championship Tonight

UNLV's Ike Nwamu will have a chance to showcase his dunk ability at the College Slam Dunk Championship tonight.

Nwamu finishes in-game slam dunk
Nwamu finishes in-game slam dunk
Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

The season ended with a thud for UNLV.  However, for senior Ike Nwamu, former Mercer transfer, this season could end on a high note - a very high note.

Nwamu will be one of the contestants to compete for the annual College Slam Dunk Championship.  The contest takes place at the Berry Center in Cypress, Texas at 6 pm pacific time tonight.  Nwamu is one of eight contestants from nationwide who is recognized this year as one of the country's top dunkers.

Of course, if this contest reached out to non-seniors, the obvious slam dunk candidate from UNLV would be freshmen Derrick Jones, Jr. (who has yet to announce if he will stay at UNLV or test the NBA waters).  Nonetheless, Nwamu has a unique, powerful slam dunk style that will be on display tonight in Texas.

As a 6 foot 5 inch guard, Nwamu is known for thundering to the rim.  One of the strongest guards in the country, he has the ability to throw down with finesse and power.  The question becomes: Can he combine his strength with creativity?  Slam dunk contests are now won with both.

In addition to Nwamu, the dunkers at this year’s event will include: Davidson’s Jordan Barham, Barry’s Yunio Barrueta, East Tenessee State’s Deuce Bello, Mary’s Devan Douglas, Tulsa’s Shaquille Harrison, Longwood’s Shaquille Johnson and Mississippi State’s Craig Sword.

In such a disappointing season for UNLV, Nwamu's ability to represent the Rebels in this contest is a bright spot. Take a look at the 55 second mark for Ike Nwamu's contribution to UNLV's "Runnin' Rebel Madness" Dunk Contest.