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Utah State football: QB Kent Myers says he's ready to lead offense

Utah State's spring practice is underway in Logan.

Utah State started spring practice with stability but also some instability. Starting with what is stable is the quarterback position where Kent Myers is the starter, and this is the first time in years that the Aggies know who their starting quarterback will be heading into the season.

Myers saw action as a freshman and a sophomore and started a total of 16 games and had a 11-5 record as the starter. The quarterback situation has been a mess the past few years with various injuries but the Aggies are hopeful that the most important position is set, and according to Myers he is that guy to get the offense back where it should be.

"The last couple years, the defense has kind of been beating us up," Myers said after the Aggies' first spring practice. "So we're trying to get that view of the offense as a strong offense."

Practicing against that defense will make any quarterback and offense better. With Myers qt quarterback he looks to continue what Chuckie Keeton started with Utah State now being a dangerous football team.

There is more comfort with Myers knowing he is the starting quarterback, but he is still keen on getting better each and every practice.

"I like it a lot," Myers said about being the most veteran quarterback. "You know, I'm helping Jordan Love out right now, and I think it helps me out with my study [of the offense], because I feel like if you're able to teach somebody, you're able to go out there and do what you have to do. And so ... as a leader, I feel like I'm doing my part."


"I've got a chip on my shoulder, and I'm coming out here every day trying to get better."

Head coach Matt Wells had a busy off season but he put a positive spin on the new coaches he brought in to replace the outgoing one's.

"Yeah, there wasn't much off an offseason for me, but when you're winning at a high level, you're graduating your student-athletes like we've graduated them and you're putting a good product out on the field, (that coaching turnover is) going to happen," Wells said.

"The guys that have left for the most part had good opportunities for them professionally ... and they did a good job while they were here, and now it's an opportunity for other guys to be here and to put their stamp in their individual areas (of coaching). And we hired some really good guys and some guys that really want to be here, and that's what I'm excited about."

That is the cost of being a good mid-major program -- even though Utah State was just average last year -- coaches will be lost. This spring is going to be important for the new coaches and players to get on the same page this spring and ready for fall camp.