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Youthful Stars in MWC Baseball

I always like to do a the best of the frosh post about this time in the season. Freshmen have enough ABs or IP to let the world know they belong. Offhand, it doesn't look like a huge class knocking down any doors but there are a few to watch. If I missed any, write 'em up in the comments section. NO one ever comments on my stuff. I know I'm not that good so it must be my dry style.

Edgar Gonzalez starts on a Fresno State team loaded with starting pitching
Edgar Gonzalez starts on a Fresno State team loaded with starting pitching
Keith Kountz - Fresno State Athletics

Freshmen Standouts in MWC Baseball

New Mexico

Jared Mang - He is hitting a respectable .283 and has 2 home runs. This is in 60 ABs which is pretty close to full time. It's also pretty impressive that he's been able to crack the lineup that boasts so many good hitters.

Erick Migueles - He's hitting .333 in a scant 24 ABs so I almost left him off. Still, not bad.

Air Force

Nic Ready - Ready indeed. He's hitting a robust .364 with 1 home run in full time duty. He has 14 RBIs (fourth on the team) in 66 ABs (team leader). If he keeps it up, he could be achieving some great things.


Ryan Hare - He has 7 appearances with no starts but he's proven to be an important part of the bullpen as he is 1-1 and 2.92 with 13 strike outs in 12 IP. Not bad on staff that is not that good.

Kyle Isbel - He's hitting .278 with a home run in full time duty. This on a team with a team BA of .242.

Vince Taormina - He's hitting .273 on a team that is not hitting much. He's had 22 ABs.

Fresno State

Zach Ashford - In 35 ABs and 20 games played he is hitting .429 which is good indeed. Will he keep it up? Check in later.

Edgar Gonzalez - He's a starting pitcher with 6 starts on a staff that is deep in pitching. He's 1-0 and 3.38 and 21 strike outs in 21 IP. Couldn't ask for much more.


no one.

San Diego State

Jordan Verdon - He's hitting a good .288 with 1 home run in 59 ABs which is pretty close to full time.

Harrison Pyatt - A redshirt freshman, to be sure, but a frosh none the less. He's 0-1 and 3.27 in 22 IP and 19 strike outs. He has 4 starts among his 6 appearances so coach trusts his arm to some degree. He walks a bit too many but he is a freshman.

Dean Nevarez - He's hitting .300 in 50 ABs.

San Jose State

Hunter Tidwell - I had a hard time adding this kid to the list as he's hitting only .265 but he's the only freshman that is hitting above the Mendoza line. That says something and he can be a fixture in the outfield for the future. Yes, I'm biased.

As you can see with the pretty short list, there aren't a lot of frosh who are really doing a big job for their respective teams. Fresno State has two good ones in Zach Ashford and Edgar Gonzalez. UNLV has a decent pitcher in Ryan Hare and Air Force has a good hitter in Nic Ready. The gold stars for hitter and pitcher have to go to Fresno State and if you have to ask why, look at their stats above. They are head and shoulders above all their fuzzy faced brethren.