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UNLV's Dwayne Morgan requests release to transfer, per report

Looks like UNLV could be losing another player to transfer.

Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

UNLV sophomore Dwayne Morgan is asking the Rebels for a release from his scholarship and allow him to transfer, per ESPN's Jeff Borzello. On the surface this looks to have nothing to do with the Rebels getting a new head coach but rather a family issue.

Morgan's mother has been dealing with some health issues and that looks to be the main reason he wants to continue his career closer to home in Baltimore. So, the coaching change may not have a lot to do with the former top-40 recruit to continue to play out West.

He was offered by plenty of schools across the country, and on the East Coast as a five-star forward, so his exact destination is not known. However, it seems clear his new destination will be within driving distance to his mom.

This past year, Morgan started 22 games and averaged 5.5 points for the Rebels while playing 19.3 minutes per game. His season was cut short in February with a shoulder injury.