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The Unique Statistical Best And Worst Of Every Mountain West Basketball Team

Ten of the eleven teams in the conference hold the top spot in the country in at least one statistical category.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Each year around this time, Chris Ford over at All My Sports Teams Suck compiles easily ones of the most unique charts in all of college basketball. Ford takes every team in the country (all 351 of them) and finds at least one statistical category that each team in the land was either the best or the worst at for the 2015-2016 season. It may seem like an impossible task but using some deep research (and some extremely specific statistical categories), Ford is able to find something that every team can claim for it's own.

The list is really more for entertainment purposes than anything but it is interesting to point out how some of these stats are pretty indicative of the given team's season. For instance, it's not shocking to see that a San Jose State that finished last in the Mountain West, was the worst in the country in field goal percentage by starters in conference games. There's a stat that seems to make some sense.

Some of the stats are well known, like how San Diego State holds opponents to the lowest shooting percentage in the country or that Nevada is downright awful from behind the arc but some are a bit more eye-opening like Fresno State torching opponents from three point land on the road. Of course, there's also some downright bizarre ones like Boise State doing the best in the land to limit the number of offensive rebounds by opposition bench players per minute in non-conference games.

So take a look over the list for yourself and see where your teams stands or if you're up a real challenge, you can click here to see the full chart of all 351 Division I teams.




Air Force

Individual 3 Point FG% vs. Top 50 Ranked Teams

Boise State

Offensive Rebounds By Opposition Bench Players Per Minute In Non-Conference Games

Colorado State

FG Attempts Per Game By Starters In Non-Conference Regular Season Tournament

Opponent Overtime Points Per Game

Fresno State

Individual 3 Point FG% In Away Games


Individual Offensive Rebounds In Home Games

3 Point %

New Mexico

Turnover % By Bench Players

San Diego State

Opponent Shooting %

San Jose State

Double-Doubles By Bench Players In Conference Games

FG% By Starters In Conference Games


Opposition Turnovers Per Minute By Starters In Non-Conference Games

Utah State

Personal Fouls Per Minute By Starters In Non-Conference Regular Season Tournament Games


Three Point Rate

Away Points From 2 Pointers