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PODCAST: Fresno State moves on to NCAA tournament

We recap the Mountain West tournament and look ahead to the three teams in post season play.

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We recap the conference tournament with Ea Madrigal who was covering the games in Las Vegas. We chat with Matt Kenerely whose Fresno State team is dancing for the second time this century. We also touch on the NIT and CBI.

Fresno State's chances to beat Utah are not extremely out there and the picks by Jeremy, Chris and Matt might surprise some of the listeners, but there has been a 14 seed beat a No. 3 seed five times 2010 and the higher seed is just 8-4 in the previous three tournaments. There is a possibility for an upset in this game.

Will San Diego State have a let down against IPFW, and Nevada is in the post season to get a taste of post season play under first-year head coach Eric Musselman.

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