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Nevada Loses a Lot but Retains a Lot in Baseball

Before I wrote this article I assumed Nevada had lost too much from a quite veteran squad. Well, yeah, they did but they return a few good ones too so I think they should be alright; especially in the rotation. If Stolo returns to the same form as last year, they could be a force in the weekend series.

Bryce Graeger returns to terrorize MWC pitching
Bryce Graeger returns to terrorize MWC pitching
John Byrne

Nevada Lineup Loses a Lot from 2015 Squad

If you read my post from awhile back about returning players, you'll remember that the Wolf Pack lost many great players from a veteran squad and that should also include the coach who jumped to Arizona. I don't want to get into that part. So who remains from last year's squad? As much as they lost they still have a few good players returning and a strong pitching staff. Pitching will be the strong suit and three good hitters return. The cupboard is not as bare as I thought.

Bozar's guesses:

C - Justin Hazard (SR) - UCLA transfer
1B - Cooper Krug (FR) -
2B - Jordan Pearce (SO) - .304 and 1
SS - Justin Bridgman (JR) - .229
3B - Bryce Graeger (SR) - .355 and 5
OF - Trenton Brooks (JR) - .365 and 3
OF - Grant Fennell (SO) - .269 and 1
OF - ?
DH - Kaleb Foster (FR) -

SP - Christian Stolo (SR) - 8-2 and 2.83
SP - Michael Fain (SR) - 3-2 and 7.74
SP - Trenton Brooks (JR) - 4-1 and 3.65
SP - Cameron Rowland (SR) - 4-3 and 5.02
RP - Evan McMahan (JR) - 5-0 and 2.32

You'll notice I had two freshmen in the starting lineup. While I'm sitting at home I feel that I can take a chance. Drug comes in as a first baseman and has some pop and first base is a hole. The DH could be most anyone but I would like to see a new guy with some pop in that spot to see how he can do and that's Foster in my book.

I hate the question marks. The new coach is bringing in a bunch of new pitchers most of which are transfers. That surprises me a bit as I feel the rotation is pretty experienced and full. Maybe it's because they are mostly upperclassmen. In any event, strong pitching, which seems to go along with the rest of the MWC. That's right; the MWC might be a pretty strong pitching conference.