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PODCAST: Another crazy week of MW hoops

This week we discuss another wild week in Mountain West hoops, plus we mix in some spring football.

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In our latest episode, Jeremy and Chris, bring on the website's Boise State writer Eli Boettger to discuss not only Broncos basketball but also the Mountain West on a whole this year. We discuss Boise State's late come from behind victory over San Diego State, and attempt to determine if there is really a good seed to have in the conference tournament or what teams to avoid.

The conference is still a one-bid league with the ceiling being a 12-seed and the basement being a 13-seed and a trip to Dayton.

We chat a little bit about spring football for Boise State and San Diego State, but then things go way off the beaten path as we answer a question about sandwiches from listener Tim Susoev, and that explains our poll for this show.

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