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Recap of Midweek Mountain West baseball

The two games worthy of mention for the MWC were SDSU's win over Irvine and Nevada's defeat of Arizona State. Both are pretty good wins and will raise the stock of the MWC. No sense in talking RPI at this juncture. Read on.

Bryce Greager paces Nevada in their win over Arizona State
Bryce Greager paces Nevada in their win over Arizona State
John Byrne

MWC Midweek Games of 2/23/2016 Recap

Nothing has been decided. Give the season two weeks and the rotation a couple of starts to actually start seeing what's what. Then I'll be looking into newbies, pitchers of note, and anything else that may catch my fancy. Nuff said.

Santa Clara at San Jose

In a renewal of a rivalry series, the Broncos beat the Spartans 7-4 after the Spartans had built a 4-2 lead after five innings. The long ball hurt a bit also as Santa Clara had three solo shots. Ozzie Braff went 2-3 and Brett Bautista went 2-5. Both are starting early as most hoped as they are both dependable hitters. The Spartans fall to 2-3.

San Diego State at Irvine

The Aztecs (1-3) score two runs in the top of the 8th to win their first game of the year 4-2. Justin Wylie and David Hensley went 2-4 for the Aztecs. Brian Heldman went two innings for the save to give Zack Oakley the win. Zack went 1/3 of an inning for the win and I'll bet he hopes the rest of the season is so easy. Starter Harrison Pyatt went 5 good innings giving up only 1 run on 3 hits and no walks. A very good outing.

Oakland at Fresno State

For those who abhor pitching duels, this was their kind of game. The Bulldogs (4-0) won 11-10 so pitching didn't show up for this one. They were down 6-0 after two innings but three crooked number innings made them winners. Aaron Arruda pinch hit for DH Anthony Arias before he had an AB and I would like to know the story behind that. In any event Arruda made the most of his assignment. He went 3-5 with a home run (his second), a double, a run, and 4 RBIs. Not bad. Jake Stone had 3 RBIs with his lone hit. Actually, I lied, there was a bit of pitching. Dylan Lee went 1 2/3 IP to hold the lead for Tim Borst who closed out this mess for his third save.

Nevada at Arizona State

This was a good game for the Wolf Pack as well as the MWC. The Pack beat up on the Sun Devils 11-5 for their third win while handing ASU their first loss of the young season. Four runs in the top of the first set the tone for this one as Nevada never trailed. Bryce Greager went 2-4 with 5 RBIs to pace the winners. Nevada's pitching was strong at the end as three pitchers went a total of 4 1/3 IP giving up only three hits and only one walk. I know that put a smile on the new coach's face. Cameron Rowland, Evan McMahan, and Ty Pennington were the arms that did the trick.

Adams State at Air Force

The Falcons beat the DII Grizzlies 13-1 and I'm not sure if that is added to their record or not. This should be viewed as not much more than an exhibition game even though a lower division team always has incentive to win these games. It didn't happen here.

New Mexico

The Lobos don't play until the weekend.


The Rebels don't play until the weekend.