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Nevada's Brian Polian accidentally tweeted about Arizona State's academics

Another reason a certain group of people should not be on Twitter.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Another coach needs a tutorial on how to use Twitter.

With National Signing Day on Wednesday it is crunch time for recruiting, and coaches are making last minute overtures to change the mind of 17- and 18-year-old kids who will largely determine a head coaches job status.

Enter Nevada head coach Brian Polian, the coach was using Twitter to communicate with a recruit via direct messaging, but he accidentally published it for the world to see. Since nothing is ever deleted from the internet screenshots were grabbed.

Polian was talking trash about a recruit who is looking at in addition to Nevada, Arizona State.

Also, thanks to ESPN's aggregate tool of compiling tweets, it ended up on the Nevada Wolf Pack page, and is still there.

Arizona State caught wind of this and had a nice sub-tweet on the matter.

Head coaches not  using social media correctly is nothing new as there have been a handful of incidences where coaches meant to send out a direct message but published it for everyone to see.

Maybe coaches need someone to proof each and every social media post to make sure it is good to post.