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NCAA Tournament projections: Mountain West is still a one-bid league

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

SDSU lost and the world is coming to an end.  Well, not really, but it does make the Mountain West look incredibly weak. The Aztecs are almost certainly in the tournament while for the rest of the conference it's not looking to bright.

In a year with other power five conferences with so much depth, teams in the middle of the pack in leagues like the ACC and the Big 12 are going to be looked as better teams in the eyes of the bracket makers.

The best case scenario for the Mountain West was to get two teams in, most likely meaning any team but San Diego State to take the conference crown in mid-March.

San Diego State:

The Aztecs lost their undefeated conference record when they dropped a close match against Fresno State, 58-57. SDSU is still in full control of the regular season conference title, but the loss to Fresno shows how weak the Mountain West may truly be. The Aztecs are the only team showing up on this week's projections in the top 68, as they currently sit as a 12 seed.

Without doing anything in the conference tournament I think they need to win four out of their last five games to 100% solidify their NCAA Tournament resume.  Two big wins for them would be their final two games, at New Mexico and home against UNLV.  Quality wins include: California, Boise State, Fresno State, New Mexico, UNLV.


UNLV receive just one vote out of the dozens of projected brackets at a 15 seed. The Rebels would need to win out the regular season most likely and make a big run in Las Vegas.  Right now they are way on the outside looking in, but still a chance for UNLV.  Quality wins include: Indiana, Oregon, New Mexico, Boise State.

However this UNLV pick is short-lived as they fell to Air Force Tuesday night.