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Nevada Football: Wolf Pack introduce Jay Norvell as new head coach

The University of Nevada held a press conference to officially announce Jay Norvell as the new head coach of the Wolf Pack on Friday.

NCAA Football: San Jose State at Nevada Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, the University of Nevada held an introductory press conference to officially announce that Jay Norvell will be the new head coach of the Wolf Pack. This will be the first head coaching job for Norvell in his 30 years coaching at the collegiate and professional level.

Norvell was hired on by the Wolf Pack on Wednesday night after the Wolf Pack fired Brian Polian on November 27th. and during the press conference, Novell laid out the new scheme that he plans to install.

“We’ll play up-tempo, a spread offense. We use tempo as a tool”, Novell said on Friday. He went on to say that on defense that “we’re going to get after the quarterback and play tight coverage on people.”

When asked about why he is a fit for Nevada, Norvell mentioned his west coast connection when it comes to recruiting. “Even when I coached in the Midwest at Texas and Oklahoma, I always came out here to recruit.”

Norvell also said that “I’ve got great connections in Northern California, the Inland Empire, and L.A. and I always want to coach at a school that has a great recruiting base and this has a great recruiting base.”

Norvell is taking over a Wolf Pack team that went 5-7 last season which was only the school’s second non-bowl season in more than a decade. Norvell is looking forward to the challenge of taking Nevada back to its more successful past. “We have to get to work and do all that it takes to make this a championship program”, Norvell said during his introductory press conference.