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Donnel Pumphrey: #2 all-time NCAA rushing leader and grappling for #1

You’ve got this, Donnel.

Tough-as-nails, five-foot-nine, 180-lb Donnel Pumphrey has passed Ricky Williams and now stands as the NCAA’s no.2 all-time rushing leader. Ricky Williams, who has been cast in bronze and immortalized at the University of Texas, was the all-time rushing leader until Ron Dayne of Wisconsin passed his record just a few years later. Fast forward seventeen years, and our prolific Aztec now has Dayne’s record in range.

There is only one number floating around in Donnel’s head right now: 108. With that exact number of yards, Donnel Pumphrey passes the NCAA’s leading all-time rusher, and hurls himself deeper into the echelons of college football immortality.

In his last game, the Mountain West Championship, where the Aztecs became repeat champions, Donnel rushed for 110 yards and a touchdown. He reached the 2000-yard single season mark, ending the game at 2018, and now stands #24 on the NCAA all-time single season rushing list.

This is serious. Donnel is in close range , and during the next game, it is easily within his capability to take the #1 slot, and that record will likely stand for some time.

In just under two weeks, San Diego State will play in the Vegas Bowl against defensive powerhouse University of Houston. The Cougars are currently the #2 run defense in the nation, holding teams to an average 97.9 yards per game. This means San Diego State’s offense is going to have to go full force, and leave it all on the gridiron.

The match against Houston will undoubtedly make an achievement of 108 yards worthy of the all-time rushing leader designation. If Pumphrey runs for 110 yards or more, he will also make the top ten all-time NCAA list for single season rushing leader.

NCAA career rushing leaders

  1. Ron Dayne, Wisconsin: 6,397 yards
  2. Donnel Pumphrey, San Diego State: 6,290 yards
  3. Ricky Williams, Texas: 6,279 yards
  4. Tony Dorsett, Pittsburgh: 6,082 yards
  5. DeAngelo Williams, Memphis: 6,026

Prior to San Diego State’s repeat victory in the Mountain West Championship game against the University of Wyoming at Laramie, this past Saturday, it was stated that Ron Dayne is displeased about the potential loss of his record. While some sports outlets report slightly different figures, the NCAA has stated that all bowl game statistics prior to 2002 will not be factored in the career rushing figures.

While the Great Dayne might have cause to complain, it is important to note that, until the NCAA changes its express guidelines, Donnel Pumphrey will become the #1 all-time rushing leader if he generates good production against Houston.

The entire San Diego State student, alumni, community and overall fan base wish Donnel Pumphrey strength, speed, and success against Houston in the coming Vegas Bowl. Pumphrey has already added immense prestige to SDSU.

You’ve got this, Donnel.