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Jeremy McNichols wraps up career at Boise State

Is this the next former Boise State running back who will be an NFL starter?

NCAA Football: Cactus Bowl-Boise State vs Baylor Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The old adage says “all good things come to an end” and that is what is happening for Jeremy McNichols of the Boise State Broncos. His stellar career is now over and in a disappointing 31-12 loss against Baylor in the Cactus Bowl, and rushed for a season low of 46 yards.

McNichols birthday was two days ago and he decided to celebrate in a big way by announcing he would taking his tremendous talent to the NFL next season by forgoing his final year of eligibility at Boise State.

To say that he put his mark on his junior year at Boise State would be a gross understatement. McNichols rushed for 1,663 yards and scored 27 total touchdowns.

The decision to go pro was made roughly a month ago by McNichols. He told Coach Harsin and few close teammates. For the most part it was kept extremely quiet by the people in the know. Now that everybody knows he wants fans to know how much he has appreciated the support he has received from the fans.

“Everybody, my coaches, my teammates, they all supported me, I’m not getting bashed for it,” McNichols said. “That makes it easier. It’s another reason that confirms why I came to Boise, it’s because of the people. I’ve never had any bad vibes, it’s why I will continue to be around the community, because of all the love and support that I received the last two and half years.”

When McNichols started to consider making the jump to the pro’s he leaned on the shoulder of another great Boise State running back. Former Boise State running back and current Miami Dolphin running back Jay Ajayi mentored McNichols through the process of making this life changing decision.

“Playing running back, the lifespan is really short. Talking to Jay was huge.” McNichols said.

Where does he expect to go in the draft?

Well, as usual, that depends on who you ask.

McNichols has been projected to be a third to fifth round pick.

He still has to turn in his papers to the NFL to declare, he has to go to the NFL Combine, and most importantly he has to get his mental game together to make it on the professional level.

McNichols has a ton of work ahead of him to reach his dream, but this is a player who knows the value of hard work and the rewards it will bring him. One game does not define a player and the struggles he had in the Cactus Bowl should not lower any draft expectations. He’s a talented running back with an incredible ceiling to be reached in the NFL.

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