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San Jose State Wins Second Exhibition

The Spartans’ Ryan Welage leads all scorers in two consecutive games
Kevin Mistry

SJS Wins Second Exhibition Against Cal State East Bay

The final score was 96-80 which wasn’t the rout most SJS fans were anticipating. The Spartans got quickly in front in the first half and mostly traded baskets toward the end of the first half and all of the second half. The 96 points is good but I would have hoped for a bit more defense than the 80 points allowed. Then again, it’s hard to get into any kind of rhythm when everyone plays. Ryan Welage again led the scorers with 22 points with four others in double figures. Jaycee Hillsman 16, Isaac Thornton 15, Brandon Clarke 11, and Terrell Brown’s 11 were the others. Brandon Clarke led in rebounds with 7.

Three Pioneers had 20 points each as Micah Dunhour, Druce Asah, and Drew Bender led their team in scoring. Not quite enough to make a game of it.

The Spartans have one more exhibition on November 12th against West Coast Baptist and then things get serious against Portland on the 15th. Both are home games.