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2016 Mountain West title game: Computers will decide what team will host

A group of former BCS computers will determine if Wyoming or San Diego State will host the championship game.

NCAA Football: San Diego State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

The Mountain West title game is set between San Diego State and Wyoming, but the location is still not yet determined. The conference goes with the highest rated school in the College Football Playoff but since neither are ranked it goes to a tiebreaker and the first is computer ratings, and not head-to-head.

It does seem silly that head-to-head is not the first option used if neither are ranked, because if that were the case then the title game would be played at War Memorial Stadium in Wyoming.

The computers that the conference come from some of the old BCS formula and include Colley Matrix, Anderson & Hester, Billingsley and Wolfe.

Rankings San Diego State Wyoming
Colley Matrix 43 35
Anderson & Hester 44 37
Billingsley 46 41
Wolfe 44 37
Average 44.25 37.5

Heading into Saturday's games Wyoming is projected to host San Diego State for a second time this year, so basically if the Cowboys win they will host the conference title game. Wyoming takes on New Mexico whose average is in the upper 50s while San Diego State's opponent this week is Colorado State and they are in the 60s in these rankings. For San Diego State to host the conference title game for the second straight year they need to beat the Rams and have Wyoming lose on the road to the Lobos.