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Mountain West tiebreakers: Who has the edge between Boise State, Wyoming, New Mexico

Maybe the tiebreaker scenario is not so far fetched.

NCAA Football: San Diego State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Week 13 of Mountain West play is a big one as the Mountain Division is not yet decided as we head into the final week of the regular season. There are two games that will help determine who will play San Diego State in the conference title game.

We discussed on the Week 13 podcast about the tie-breaking scenarios and it got a bit harry as we dove into the weeds but the basics come down to this simple chart that ESPN put together.

We mentioned that a Wyoming win clinches their first division title since 1996 with a win while Boise State needs to win and hope New Mexico beats the Cowboys and then the Broncos are the Mountain Division champs.

Pretty simple.

However, what happens if Boise State and Wyoming lose? That would give the Lobos, Cowboys and Broncos two league losses each.

Here are the divisional tie-breaking rules with two or more teams tied.

In the event of a percentage tie for a divisional championship between more than two teams, the following comparison procedure shall be used to eliminate all but two tied teams, at which point the two‐team tie‐breaking procedure shall be used:

a) Winning percentage in games played among the tied teams.

b) Winning percentage in games played against division opponents.

c) Winning percentage against the next highest‐placed team in the division (based upon the team's record in all games played in the Conference), proceeding through the division.

d) Winning percentage against common Conference opponents.

e) Highest CFP ranking (or the composite of selected computer rankings if neither team is ranked in the CFP rankings) following the final week of Conference regular‐season games.

Under scenario a) the teams are tied at 1-1 since Boise State beat New Mexico, Wyoming beat Boise State and New Mexico beat Wyoming. This means we need to go to the next scenario.

Here is the outcome for scenario b):

Boise State: .800 (4-1 record)

Wyoming: .800 (4-1 record)

New Mexico: .600 (3-2)

This would eliminate the Lobos and go back to head-to-head and give Wyoming the division title as they beat Boise State.

To recap: Wyoming wins the division if they win, no matter what else happens. Boise State claims the division if Wyoming loses and the Broncos win. If Boise State loses and Wyoming loses the Cowboys win the Mountain title and will face San Diego State in the conference championship game.