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Colorado State Basketball Falls to Stanford 56-49

The Rams came close but couldn’t pull it out against the Cardinals.

NCAA Basketball: Colorado State at Stanford John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado State Rams are still trying to find themselves and the indefinite suspension of Gian Clavell definitely isn’t helping. This game against the Stanford Cardinal was an opportunity for a good test of team chemistry.

The Rams preformed well despite the statistics for this game. Offensively the Rams are still finding what works. It was thought that the inside game was the Rams strength coming into this game and the Rams needed to prove that. However the Rams still like to take the outside shot without working it inside and that cost them the game.

The Rams committed 20 turnovers and were out-rebounded. The outside shot is still not falling, eventually it will. But not even trying to get an inside look will cost this team games, just as it did today. The Rams once again had a good night at the free throw line, going 16 for 21.

Prentiss Nixon was the leading scorer today with 15 points. No other Ram had more than 9 points. Braden Koelliker, one of the Rams top players looked to leave the game with some sort of injury and was not present for the majority of the game. Che Bob had 6 points and 10 boards, while Emmanuel Omogbo had 9 points and 9 boards.

Nico Carvacho was asked to step up and did so admirably. He finished with 9 points and 7 rebounds, but was perhaps the Rams best defensive player on the day. Stanford was able to get the ball to Michael Humphrey and Grant Verhoeven down low early, but when Carvacho was in the game, he was able to stop the low post entry pass.

The main focus defensively for the Rams coming into this game was Reid Travis. Averaging 21.7 points and 12.3 rebounds coming in, Travis was held to 11 points and 5 rebounds. Focusing on Travis, allowed Dorian Pickens to have a great night. Going 4 of 6 from three, Pickens finished with 17 points.

The Rams were making a comeback by going to their inside game strength, but the early turnovers and quick outside shots cost them. Stanford was able to hold on for the 56-49 win.