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San Jose State to host Portland on Tuesday

The San Jose State Spartans look to roll into a two-game winning streak as they host the Portland Pilots on Tuesday night.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

After a 109-70 win over West Coast Baptist, the Spartans will continue its three-game homestand Tuesday night at Event Center against the Portland Pilots.

Both San Jose State and Portland have one win so far this season.

Spartans head coach Dave Wojcik had a few words of advice for the young guys on his team.

"Be poised, be confident, and be very very aggressive. That's been our whole message in the offseason."

Wojcik added: "Always keep our poise, whether we go up 10 points or whether we go down 10 points. . .and outwork people."

Kicking off the 2016-17 season with a homestand may not be a bad idea after all. It's a comfortable given. However, there are some factors that may influence game performance.

Wojcik wants to see how his team will handle adversity and success. The guys should focus on themselves and their jobs instead of comparing themselves to others. Clearly, injuries may occur, but there will be solutions and the next man will have to step up.

Spartans fans have been keeping their eyes on starter and point guard Isaiah Nichols.

"I thought Isaiah has done a really nice job," Wojcik said. "He gives problems to teams on defense because he's really long. He's 6'5'' and has really long arms."

San Jose State is pretty healthy right now. Though, Portland will cause some problems. The Spartans have an upcoming challenge to overcome.

You can catch the game on Mountain West Network or listen to it on KLIV 1590 AM.