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Aztec Baseball Goes Into 2017 with a Ranked Recruiting Class

Nevada, Fresno State, and the Aztecs had the only three classes in the MWC that Collegiate Baseball thought was notable. Fresno State always has good recruits and Nevada has done well in the past few years. The Aztecs have a good one this season and you can read below and see what you think.

Aztecs could be even happier in 2017 if recruits deliver
Aztecs could be even happier in 2017 if recruits deliver
Kenny Olinger

SDSU Recruits May Help after 2016 Showing

I need to start off with a non-baseball statement. It's been a month since my last post and I need to tell you why. My wife and I love to travel and when we do, I never say before hand on-line when and where we're going. We spent three weeks in Borneo and Singapore observing wildlife mostly. Orang-utans, gibbons, proboscis monkeys and lots of new birds for me as I'm a birder. So now you know other aspects of my life. Antarctica coming up and that finishes off the continents.

The Aztecs didn't do all that well out of the gate or anywhere else on the race track in 2016 so there is going to be plenty of opportunity for the kids listed below. Pitching, it's always about pitching. The SEC is loaded with pitchers throughout the lineups and the mid majors have one, maybe two, great arms and that's the defining factor. So, how'd recruiting go? According to Collegiate Baseball (one of my bibles) the Aztecs did quite well. They had the 47th ranked recruiting class coming into this season. They are better judges than me but I'll let you judge for yourself. Read on.

Avery Tuck, OF, Steele Canyon HS, San Diego, CA
Avery was drafted in the 26th round and declined the offer. Amazingly, this is about all I could find on this kid. Stats can sometimes be elusive but he WAS drafted and that says a lot. He's a big kid at 6'4" and 195 (and probably a bit bigger now) so he could develop into something special.

Francisco Thomas, SS, Osceola HS, Osceola, FL
The Aztecs lose this one. He was drafted in the 8th round and signed.

Nolan Martinez, RHP/OF, Culver City HS, Culver City, CA
This 4th round pick signed.

Logan Boyer, RHP/UTL, Hamilton HS, Chandler, AZ
I don't know where this kid will end up. He hit .290 as a senior catcher and was 2-0 and 3.23 in only 13 IP. Not bad but I don't know if this will translate to D1 level of play. He has good size for a catcher at 6'3" and 225; solid.

Ryan Orr, C, La Costa Canyon HS, San Diego, CA
Ryan hit .421 in his senior year and he hit over .300 in all three years at the varsity level. According to an article I read, he's also very good behind the plate and has caught regularly since his sophomore year. Those numbers helped him to the first team All-CIF team.

Jacob Castillo, RHP/INF, Bonita HS, La Verne, CA
Now here's a weird one. This kid played on a team that was 31-1 and rated the top team in the nation at one point in 2015. That was San Dimas High School He was a great pitcher and a pretty good hitter and one writer said, in his words, he had an insane year. That he did but that was in 2015. I had nothing for him in 2016 as he and a teammate transferred to Bonita and no information why was forthcoming and I don't believe he played. That's a red flag in my eyes and I'll leave this whole thing alone. Well, maybe not as he's not on the 2017 Aztec roster.

Adrian Mardueno, RHP, Upland HS, Upland, CA
He made first team all-league in 2016. That's all I found.

Mitchell Allen, 1B/RHP, Boulder Creek HS, Phoenix, AZ
He was a three year starter and hit .472 and 6 his senior year. He has the size at 6'0 and 205 so he should get a bit bigger. As a pitcher he was 6-4 and 3.35 and struck out 40 in 46 IP. A corner player, I'd guess.

Julian Escobedo, OF/LHP, Eastlake HS, San Diego, CA
Didn't find much but he was a good player on an outstanding team (29-5).

Tre Brown, RHP, Eastlake HS, San Diego, CA
Just as in his teammate Escobedo (above) I found little info. Both players had very incomplete stats that I could find. I quit digging after two pages of Google.

Hayden Petrovick, LHP, South Hills HS, West Covina, CA
He was 6-2 and 1.80 with 66 strikeouts in 70 IP. His walks were a bit high at 25 but not that bad. Maybe he was wildly effective. He gave up only 54 hits in those innings and that's very good. Works out to a WHIP of a little over 1.00 which is the standard of excellence. Good enough for second team all-area in talent rich SoCal.

Elijah Greene, LHP/OF, Chino Hills HS, Chino, CA
Another two-way player. Elijah made first team all-league but it didn't say at which position.

Trevor Row, RHP, Steele Canyon HS, San Diego, CA
I'll start with this; Trevor made second team All-East County team. I didn't see his name on the Aztec's roster.

Mike Lopez, RHP, Palomar CC, San Diego, CA
The one community college player that was an early period signee had a pretty good year but I'll let you figure out his stats. He was 1-0 and 2.02 in 35 IP. He struck out 36 in 35 IP and walked only 7. He appeared in 7 games with 6 starts. So all those numbers begs the question, why only 1-0? Anyway, decent stats. Not found on the 2017 roster.

The above players are only the early period guys as recruits. I'm so behind I think I'm ahead. The players that caught my eye were Tuck and Orr. Tuck comes in with some pretty good cred so he's the one to watch. Mitchell Allen has the sexy stat with 6 home runs his senior year. Power is always good. The Aztecs hit the recruiting trail pretty hard in their locale but the talent is so good down there they don't have to wander far to get good players.