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Donnel Pumphrey cracks Top 20 all-time NCAA rushing list

Despite a crushing loss for the Aztecs against South Alabama on Saturday night, Donnel Pumphrey added 151 yards and a touchdown.

NCAA Football: San Diego State at Northern Illinois Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars successfully extinguished the 13-game winning streak of San Diego State. This will mark the second time in two years that the University of South Alabama has DEFEATED THE AZTECS. The Aztecs maintained a halftime and third quarter-ending lead; however the Aztecs totally imploded during the fourth quarter and the Jaguars posted 21 unanswered points. It was a remarkable win, or devastating loss- depending upon whether your hobbies include picking cotton or surfing.

The crushing loss took San Diego State out of Top 25 consideration for now, and the Aztecs were served a slice of humble pie. If there was one notable highlight during this game: superstar running back Donnel Pumphrey added another 151 rushing yards despite shadow-like coverage executed by the Jaguars.

To recap Pumphrey’s season so far: he started this season ranked #74 on the all time NCAA rushing list. In his first two games of this season he has rushed for 379 yards including the 281-yard breakout performance against California, advancing him to #39 all-time, passing former SDSU record holder and NFL Hall-of-Famer Marshall Faulk, and football great Bo Jackson.

Three Saturdays ago, Pumphrey rushed for another 220 yards for a NCAA leading 599 yards in his first three games. He moved to 29th place, passing Marcus Allen and Thurman Thomas. He then maintained the NCAA lead despite a fourth-week bye.

This past weekend, in light of the devastating upset by the South Alabama Jaguars, Pumphrey's 151 additional yards means he has completed 5022 yards, and is now listed as No. 20 on the all-time NCAA rushing list, having passed Ray Rice and Darren Lewis.

As we have done so far, here is where Pumphrey will find himself once he advances for another 150 yards. He stands to become the #13 all time rusher.

Rk Player Yds From To Schoo
13 Garrett Wolfe* 5164 2004 2006 Northern Illinois
14 Montee Ball* 5140 2009 2012 Wisconsin
15 George Rogers* 5091 1977 1980 South Carolina
16 LaMichael James* 5082 2009 2011 Oregon
17 Ken Simonton* 5044 1998 2001 Oregon State
18 Michael Hart* 5040 2004 2007 Michigan
19 Avon Cobourne* 5039 1999 2002 West Virginia

We will continue to provide updates on Donnel Pumphrey’s continuing progress throughout the season.