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UNLV Has Challenging 2017 Baseball Schedule

Coach is wondering how his team will do against such stern competition.
R. Marsh Starks

UNLV Baseball Schedule for 2017

The Rebels have a pretty good schedule and has included some powers (Texas Tech) and some regional winning programs such as Seattle. Saint Mary's, Fullerton, and ASU are other highlights so, overall, they're sporting games I'd go see.

2/17/2017 Omaha (also 2/20)

The Mavericks are a member of the Summit Conference. They finished an average 28-28 and 18-12 in conference. That tells me the OOC portion of their schedule beat them up a bit. They could hit (.292) but so could the opposition (5.08) and you know how I feel about the importance of pitching. Of the three top hitters two are gone and their ace of the rotation is also gone. This means a lot of players need to step up this year and it also means the first year coach has his work cut out for him. Thumbs sideways.

2/18 Saint Mary's (also at 3/06)

The Gaels had a great year, finally, in 2016. I had them pegged as the champions of the WCC in 2016 and they challenged for sure. They won the WCC Tournament which got them into the Raleigh Regional of the NCAA Tournament. Who could ask for more. They were quickly eliminated by eventual champion Coastal Carolina and Navy. I think they were dazzled by the bright lights of the big time if nothing else. How will they do this year? I can't say but they certainly have something to build on. Thumbs up.

2/19 UC Davis

A member of the Big West, they didn't fare well last season. They were17-36 overall and 5-19 in conference. I've always expected them to do better each year but it hasn't happened yet. They didn't hit much (.266) and the same goes for the pitching (5.09). Little hitting and little pitching usually add up to few wins. If those responsible were all freshmen, then they might be better this year. Don't count on it. Thumbs down.

2/24-26 Fullerton

One of the powers in the Big West and the west in general, the Titans are always a threat to win the big show. Hasn't happened in awhile but they are the pride of the mid-major. Hmm, maybe Coastal Carolina can carry that flag now. You DO know that this only happens in baseball, right? Anyway, they were 36-23 overall and 17-7 in conference. That's the way to do it, save your best for in-conference games. They hit a poor (for them) .262 but the pitching was top notch at 2.22. This was all good enough to get them in a regional where they went 1-2. Seems to me they always get in. Thumbs up.

2/28-3/01 UC Riverside

Basically a .500 team both in conference and overall. The hitting and pitching echoes this sentiment also. This is what they've been for awhile so I suspect more of the same. Thumbs sideways.

3/14-15 Grand Canyon

Weird program. A member of the WAC coming up on three years (I think). Before that they were a DII powerhouse. I wrote about this team back then and figured they would struggle in the WAC. Boy, was I wrong. They won it all their first season as a D1 team in the WAC. Sorry, no tournament for you as rules say two years (I think) before you can play in the NCAA Tournament. Last year I had them pegged to do much better and, boy, was I wrong; 25-28. See how smart I am? Hitting was decent at .288 and pitching was ok at 4.73. That should have given them a better record than what they had. Go figure. I still like 'em. Thumbs up.

3/21-22 at Texas Tech

A perennial power in the Big 12 the Red Raiders were again a good team in 2016. They were 47-20 overall and made it all the way to the promised land; the CWS. They won 1 of three and were eliminated when they lost to eventual champion Coastal Carolina, 7-5. No shame in that but I'm sure the players were not pleased as they were sent packing. Anyway, a definite thumbs up.

3/28 & 4/11 at Arizona State (4/18 home)

Three spread out games against the Sun Devils. Another NCAA participant that was eliminated in the Ft. Worth Regional in 2016. They were 36-23 overall and that's a record that would get you nothing if you were a mid major, but they're a member of the Pac 12. That's about as political as I'll get, today. Anyway, they are coming off a pretty decent, but not great year. They have a good tradition so I expect them to be good again this year. Thumbs up.

3/31-4/02 at Iowa

The Hawkeyes were 30-26 last season in the Big 10. They were the 8th seeded team in the conference tournament and got as far as the title game which they lost to Ohio State. The Big 10 is a snow belt conference but usually manages to produce a good team or two and, last year, it wasn't Iowa. Thumbs sideways.

4/04 Utah Valley

The Wolverines are a WAC member. They were also the sole entrant in the NCAA tournament thanks to their strong showing in the WAC tournament. Meaning? They won the tournament over the regular season winner, Seattle, and you know how I feel about that. Even with my negative grumbling, the Wolverines had a decent year at 37-23 compared to Seattle's overall 37-21. I still have to support the regular season champ every time. Thumbs up.

4/25-26 Portland

I've always liked the Pilots but they've been mired in the pits for quite awhile. In year's past they had some beautiful pitching and were still lowly as the hitting was just as poor as the pitching was great. Anyway, they were 17-37 in 2016. Couldn't hit. Couldn't pitch. Works every time. Thumbs down.

4/28-30 Seattle

The Red Hawks are what I believe is a program on the rise. I used to cover the WAC (I miss doing that) and they have improved each year to the point where last season they were the regular season champs. They should have been an at-large participant in the NCAA Tournament but weren't. You know the routine, a one-bid conference gets only the tournament winner invited which was Utah Valley. Worthless system. Thumbs up.