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San Diego State Leads MW in Preseason KenPom Rankings

The Aztecs are aiming for their seventh tournament appearance in eight years.

NCAA Basketball: San Jose State at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Pomeroy, the mastermind behind his tempo-free basketball efficiency rating system, released his preseason rankings via earlier this week. The main purpose behind his rating system was to create a system that grades teams based on how many points per possession they score and allow.

His rating system has gained traction in the last decade or so as one of the most innovative basketball analytics, and the NCAA Tournament selection continues to lean towards incorporating Pomeroy’s or other similar possession-based ratings when determining the NCAA Tournament field.

Here are the preseason KenPom rankings for each of the 11 Mountain West squads, ordered by final standings:

Team 2016 Final 2017 Preseason
San Diego State 47 46
Fresno State 108 137
Boise State 90 119
Nevada 124 114
New Mexico 115 86
UNLV 117 179
Colorado State 144 170
Utah State 134 136
Wyoming 166 203
Air Force 242 198
San Jose State 249 229

San Diego State and New Mexico are the only two teams from the conference to be placed in the top 100, further supporting the argument that the Mountain West must impress in non-conference play in order to clinch multiple bids for the NCAA Tournament this season.