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Nevada vs. Wyoming final score: Cowboys win a back-and-forth game

Wyoming held off a Nevada rally to improve to 3-0 in league play.

NCAA Football: Wyoming at Nevada Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The Nevada Wolf Pack recovered an onside kick with 38 seconds left on the clock and had a chance to tie up the game. The play of the game that helped Wyoming win was an interception thrown by Ty Gangi on the lass possession that was made by Cowboys linebacker Logan Wilson, the final score of 42-34.

In the first quarter of the game, Tyler Stewart went down for the Wolf Pack and Ty Gangi stepped in at quarterback. Wyoming got the first score on the board with a 56-yard touchdown run to give the Cowboys a lead 7-0.

In the 2nd quarter, the Wolf Pack marched down the field and Spencer Petit made 45 yard field goal to bring the score with four points.

On the Cowboys offensive drive after the Wolf Pack scored, Brian Hill found his way back in the end zone for 2 yard touchdown run to make the score 14-3. Nevada responded with a touchdown of their own as Ty Gangi gets his first career 17-yard touchdown run and brought the game within four points.

Wyoming didn't take too long to find the end zone for the third time in the first half with a 2-yard touchdown run by Josh Allen. Brian Polian put together a quick offensive drive for Ty Gangi and the offensive to get a 44-yard field goal to make the score 21-13.

The beginning of the third quarter started off very quickly for both teams as the Cowboys pulled off a fantastic trick play as Josh Allen passed the ball to Austin Conway for a 4-yard touchdown pass.

James Butlee finally got on the board on the next offside drive against the Cowboys with a 9-yard touchdown run to make the score, 28-20. The battle back Of both teams scoring back and fourth as the Brian Hill registered his third touchdown of the game against Nevada and put Wyoming up by 15 points.

Ty Gangi on the next offensive drive got his first passing touchdown and connected with Jarred Gipson for a 17-yard pass into the end zone to make the score 35-27.The fourth quarter got very intense and came down to one last play to win the game. Spencer Petit missed a crucial 37-yard field goal that could have been a game changer, but he missed his first field goal and three of four attempts kicking field goals of the season.

The Cowbiys took advantage of the Wolf Pack's missed opportunity and answered back with a 7-yard touchdown to make the score 42-27 with 2:52 left in the game.

Nevada charged down the field quickly and got a huge touchdown by James Butler fumbling the ball in he end zone, but recovering the ball and brining the game within eight points. The Wolf Pack did an onside kick by Brent Zuzo and recovered the ball with 39 seconds left in the game.

Gangi would could up short on the the last offensive drive with throwing an interception that was picked off by Logan Wilson for Wyoming to win by a final score of 42-34.The offense for the Wolf Pack clicked in the second quarter of the game.

Gangi was 27 of 43 passing the ball for 300 yards passing with a running and passing touchdown, and an interception. James Butler had 14 carries for 73 yards rushing and two touchdowns.The Nevada defense had up and downs through the night.

The secondary held Wyoming to 137 yards passing, but gave up 401 yards rushing and 7.2 yards per carry.The next game for the Nevada Wolf Pack is on November 5th against the New Mexico Lobos.