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Enough is Enough: The Bronze beatdown

Rams lose the boot to Wyoming in embarrassing fashion.

The Coloradoan-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday afternoon I was ubering around Fort Collins to kill time before the game. I happen to come across some Wyoming fans and they had an interesting take on the rivalry. The passenger said to me "Honestly I feel the only people who care about this rivalry are the Wyoming fans." He said that because Colorado State fans are more focused on the rivalry with Colorado because of the state pride thing. I told him that I agreed, but the one team the Rams hate losing to more is Wyoming because you will never hear the end of it.

Wyoming is like the only child that pushes to get attention from the two brothers from down the street. When that child gets the attention he annoys everyone else in the neighborhood. So with that being said, losing to Wyoming in the Border War hurts more than losing to CU. Ram fans will never hear the end of it because this is the only thing that matters to most Wyoming fans. However I have to give credit where credit is due, Wyoming was the better team last night and deserved to win. I have been nice about Rams this season but that time ends now.

First things first: Marty English it's not working time to move on. You said the issues were fixable after the Colorado game but the past two weeks the issues returned. WE DON'T HAVE 3-4 PERSONNEL!!! We're not big enough to have three down lineman. Wyoming figured things out quickly and just lined it up and ran the ball down their throats. Their offensive line was bigger and stronger than the defensive front for the Rams. The QB draw touchdown to put the game out of reach could be seen from a mile away. Sitting with numerous Ram fans everyone expected that call. Your first stint as Co-Defensive Coordinator showed a defense that was mediocre at best. Gave up a ton of big plays and forced the offense to keep scoring to stay in the game. The defense was pretty good last season despite two big losses from the top teams in the conference. They were disciplined and didn't make the same mistakes over and over. Which is currently happening right now. Fix the issues or this could be 2011 all over again.

Second: Colin Hill still isn't ready. Despite playing well the first two and a half games he had numerous issues last night. He was inaccurate, missing a touchdown pass down field, threw a terrible pick 6, and couldn't dissect a very vanilla tampa 2 defense. He's young and a freshmen who honestly could have used a full redshirt year. However Wyoming did nothing to disguise coverage, they had two deep safeties with 4-3 personnel. He's young and will improve but he has to stay calm and read the play through.

Finally: The Run game needs to wake up. Last nights performance was disappointing. They couldn't get anything going, they may have run for over 100 yards but it took 5 backs to do it and no one rushed for over 40 yards. The offensive line is one of the most experienced units in the country but they have been getting owned all season long. Especially against CU and Wyoming. In order to take the pressure off Hill, the running game needs to produce the numbers.

If the Rams want to make a bowl, they need to wake up now, the season doesn't get any easier. English better make adjustments or you will hear more rumblings from Ram Land calling for his head.