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Big 12 is basically the Mountain West plus Texas and Oklahoma

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Here is the news you may have missed from around the Mountain West.

Kansas State v Oklahoma

Here is the news you may have missed from around the Mountain West.

Iowa State AD Jamie Pollard: "The Big 12 exists because Texas and Oklahoma are in the room." Without them "we're the Mountain West"

We recommend that you listen to his full interview as it is full of gems.

I drop into a Facebook Live video to chat about the Big 12 mess and what the Mountain West will or won’t do.

Big 12 doesn't expand, should Mountain West make a move?

Posted by Mountain West Connection on Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Continuing with expansion, Colorado State makes a pitch to the Pac-12? The Rams would make for a nice close partner that the Pac-12 has outside of CU and Utah.

On a more serious note, CSU president Tony Frank still see’s more expansion down the road.

“I don’t think conference realignment is finished yet,” Frank told the Coloradoan. “My guess is whether it’s five years from now, whether it’s a decade, we’ll probably head towards 16-team conferences. Is that five? Is that four? I don’t know the answer to that.”

More P5 day dreaming comes from UNLV

“It has always been the Raiders will come and they will fill (the stadium) up, and UNLV will have a cool place to play and put our 25,000 (fans),” Sanchez said. “That is not the case. We get into a Power 5 conference and on Saturdays, it’s UCLA against UNLV and that is happening every year. It’s UNLV versus a Baylor or something like that. It’s 60,000. We are going to get our butt going and win ... All of a sudden you might have a sold-out Raider game on a (Sunday) and a sold-out UNLV game the next week on a Saturday.”

Donnel Pumphrey gets his new cleats.

SDSU with an offer to another recruit.

San Diego State basketball wants to increase its pace of play.

“Obviously, our offensive efficiency hasn’t come close to matching our defense,” associate head coach Brian Dutcher said. “So we’re trying to find ways to get easier baskets, to play at a quicker pace maybe, allow us to get more opportunities to score. We’re trying to increase our pace just a little bit.”