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Colorado State Wins Homecoming Game, Suffers Bigger Loss

Colorado State redeems itself after embarrassing performance last week, but suffered a bigger loss in the aftermath.

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Last week the Rams played their worst game of the season. Yes that includes the game against Colorado opening night. The game garnered lots of criticism from students, fans and former players. Those were well deserved criticisms despite some players thinking it wasn't. If there was any thought of there being a must win game, this was the one. The Rams responded after a slow start but ended up scoring 21 unanswered points to defeat Utah State 31-24. The Rams however suffered a bigger loss before the game was over.

How did the Rams win: After a back and forth first quarter in which teams traded scores, the Aggies took control of the later end of the quarter and the remainder of the half. The Aggies scored 17 unanswered points to take a 24-10 lead at halftime. The Rams fans felt like it was deja vu all over again, and began heading for the exits. The second half the Rams woke up on both sides of the ball. Starting with an 60 yard touchdown pass from Colin Hill to Michael Gallup. The defense tightened up not allowing the Aggies to score another touchdown. The Rams scored 21 unanswered to finish the game but suffered a tough loss.

The big loss: Colin Hill kept the ball after dropping back on a pass play and kept running, he wasn't going to slide he was trying to reach the end zone. He got 19 of 20 yards needed preventing a third and long. He gave the team a spark but Hill was hurt on the play. Laying in pain and he eventually was helped off the field by teammates. He ended up walking back out on the field but on street clothes. His sacrifice gave the team a spark and the team kept the momentum the rest of the game.

Nick Stevens returned after a humbling benching and lead the team on two scoring drives to win the game 31-24. The Rams got a big interception late from Kevin Davis to seal the game. The team won a must win game to improve their record because they are entering a key stretch which will determine their fate.