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The Aftermath: Coach Tony Sanchez talks about loss to San Diego State

Coach Sanchez looks back on the team’s latest loss

NCAA Football: UNLV at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In this week’s press conference, coach Tony Sanchez spent the majority of the time speaking on the loss against San Diego State. After defeating Fresno State 45-20, the Rebels were looking forward to taking on the division leading Aztecs, but the team was not prepared, as San Diego State defeated the Rebels 26-7 behind a stifling defense and superb run game.

When asked about the loss, coach Sanchez pointed towards the offense and their inability to move the ball, particularly quarterback Dalton Sneed who went 2 of 12 for the night. As a result of the poor passing numbers, the Rebels were only able to generate 19 offensive plays in the first half, allowing the Aztecs to chew away at the clock. Asked what the plan at quarterback this week would be, Sanchez stated that Sneed would get the start, but Kurt Palandech (who has been nursing a shoulder injury) will be worked in at some point.

In addition to the quarterback news, Sanchez also announced that freshman defensive back Jericho Flowers would make the switch to offense and play wide receiver.

Although a majority of the press conference was focused on last week’s loss, the coach did speak on this week’s game against the Rainbow Warriors, saying that the team plans to fly to Hawaii on Thursday before going to Aloha stadium on Friday for their regularly scheduled practice. The Rebels will face the Rainbow Warriors on Saturday night.

You can catch the full press conference below: