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Hawaii Football Quick Note: Some caution on Hawaii’s new QB

We’ve been clamoring for a new QB but let’s not get carried away with the Dru Brown hype train

Hawaii v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

After a 1-3 start, head coach Nick Rolovich has named Dru Brown the new starting quarterback for the University of Hawaii football team. Many fans have been calling for a change to be made since the end of last season and have finally got their wish.

Surely the team can do better than someone who has continuously ranked near the bottom of the NCAA in almost all passing metric right?

Based on visual inspection that assessment might be right. He is more mobile and seemingly throws more accurate balls. The offense also seems to move better with him at the helm.

However, I’d like to caution you on this assessment!

So far when Brown has played, the games would already be considered out of hand. Both times, against Michigan and Arizona the team was losing by more than 3 possessions in the 2nd half. This is usually considered garbage time.

Garbage time is named as such for a reason. Coaches often take their foot off the pedal. They make their defenses and offenses more conservative to limit mistakes. Thus making the level of competition that UH has faced in this time lower. They also start to sub out their experienced players with lesser talent in efforts to give them experience.

I can hear your brain saying, “NO SH**!” Well yes, but it is important to consider this when grading the performance of Dru Brown. What appears to be a superior quarterback may just be taking advantage of garbage time.

I know. I know.

But isn’t that what he is supposed to do?

Yes, yes he is. But before the Dru Brown era starts hype train gets out of control, remember that the playing time between the two quarterbacks has not been created equal.

I for one will be watching tonight’s game with great anticipation to see how things work when he starts.

Please stay tuned as I will be finishing an in-depth analysis between the two quarterbacks soon.